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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi Executive Director Sancheti Healthcare Academy, speaks about largest growing service industry - Healthcare

Growth - Healthcare is one of the largest growing service industries in the world. With a sustained annual growth of 23%, India too is an active player in this global success story. The urgent need of today and the future is professionally qualified managers and leaders who spearhead this huge opportunity. 
Business - Along with the vast state operated facilities, leading business houses are investing heavily into the healthcare sector. A new vision has to be established with well trained professionals, to manage this industry as a responsible corporate business.

Sector - Healthcare is not all about doctors, nurses and technicians, but much more than that. The hospitals and services are finely tuned enterprises that need a detailed level of management. Overall, some of the areas of diversification are –
Medical tourism
Manufacturing sector support
Entrepreneurship and Consultation

Prospects - With endless opportunities, the future of Healthcare business is brighter than ever. India is the preferred healthcare destination amongst the emerging countries across the world. The Indian healthcare industry has the potential to achieve the same exponential growth as the software sector exhibited in the previous decade. 
Challenges - Be ready to tap this vital and lucrative industry. Get trained under the best of professional with decades of experience in healthcare and its management. Work in the latest infrastructure with a highly optimized syllabus, meeting the needs of today and tomorrow.

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