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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

All is well.

Dr. P.V. Bokil
Principal, PGDHM
Sancheti Hospital, Pune
Every  Indian  citizen has a similar dream about healthcare. With the scientific advances in medical diagnostics and modern technological innovations, such a dream should be a reality.
In last three years ‘HOSPIKON’ conferences have attempted to address the issue so dear to us. The healthcare industry in India has come a long way from the days when availability of medical professionals was under question. Privatization of healthcare industry has revolutionized and brought in change in the aptitude and attitude of healthcare providers.

But today, healthcare industry in India is growing and moving ahead neck to neck with the other major industries like pharmaceuticals & software industry of the country and as a result of significant scientific advancements, a new political landscape and rapidly changing regulatory environment , market demands from employers and consumers, and technology-enabled connectivity, the industry is undergoing a major structural transformation. This transformation is creating opportunities and challenges for traditional health-related sectors to the health sector in India; several foreign companies are intending to invest in the country. Hence, the health care industry in India is reckoned to be the engine of the economy in the years to come.

Health care industry trends manifest an upward growth but several areas need to be attended to for enhancing health care services for the common man. Owing to the vast differences in medical expenses in western countries and that of India, it has become one of the favorites for health care treatments. But in order to meet the international standards, the existing health care industry is required to alter the mode of operation for generation of higher revenue contribution to the GDP of the country. Therefore, hospital Accreditation process has generated tremendous response in the form of I.S.O. or N.A.B.H. or J.C.I accreditations throughout the country. This  is a step in right direction. Thus, TQM and CRM are the key words in the healthcare industry enabling to remain competitive and cost-effective.

Taking a look at the healthcare industry in India, how it has evolved, the innovations that have taken place in the industry, the emerging trends and the opportunities for the future, and how the healthcare providers are endeavoring to provide services to India’s vast and widely spread population, through innovation method, is surely going to be worth a watch.
According to the Mudliyar Committee, approximately, 25,000 hospital manager’s jobs would be created in next five years to service additional 5,00,000 hospital beds in the country.
I hereby welcome you to this booming healthcare industry with great career opportunities, where the Post Graduate Programme in Healthcare Services offered by Sancheti Healthcare Academy provides the right platform to tap these opportunities. 

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