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Monday, 11 July 2011

The ever increasing healthcare sector in India-Challenges and Requirements

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in India and it has two segments namely- private healthcare and public healthcare. This sector is not just related to hospitals but also includes insurance, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics, information technology enabled services, information technology and manufacturing of medical equipment. By 2012, it is being expected to become a US$ 75 billion industry.

With Indian population increasing and Indians becoming more health conscious, this sector is certain to reach a great level in the coming years. There is no doubt that with the growth in this industry, medical facilities will also increase for people but it will also increase the demand for trained healthcare professionals. This is one requirement that needs to be fulfilled on a timely basis or else it will become difficult to provide easy access of healthcare services to public as well as private sector.

The need for trained healthcare professionals can only be met with quality healthcare courses. For instance, the Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management course introduced by Sancheti Healthcare Academy is a great effort towards this industry. The main aim of this course is to provide quality training to medical as well non-medical graduates in hospital administration.

This will prove effective in meeting the growing demand of Hospital Administrators at mid level management and prove a boon to the ever increasing healthcare industry of India. Through this course, Sancheti Healthcare Academy is also training students to take up consultancy in the planning projects of hospitals. Since this course in hospital management will provide them the basic learning it will become easy for the students to take higher courses in the same field.

It is very important to have such quality courses in India so that more and more trained professionals become a part of the healthcare industry. The above mentioned course is a two semester (one year) course and students who pass out in both the semesters will be required to undergo 65 days of stipendiary internship in hospitals.

Since the healthcare system is as good as non-existent in the rural parts of the country it is very important to bring more trained people to this sector. Even though with the growth in rural infrastructure, healthcare services have grown to a great extent in rural India, there is still a lot to be done. Even in urban parts, there are ample healthcare services available but most of them lack in technological support. Therefore, similar to Sancheti institute, courses in healthcare management or hospital management will ensure better access of quality services to people all over India.

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